Four-months infant infected with Oral HPV Warts
Four-months infant infected with Oral HPV  Warts
Four-months infant infected with Oral HPV Warts


 This is one of the rare cases, in which I came across during years of practicing in the field of the genital warts. We are referring this story to stress on the complication that might occur along with Human Papilloma virus (HPV) being passed from the mother to her baby.

A 28-year-old mother of two, her infected child was the third. She was infected with genital warts long before having her first. She was treated by burning them several times, and she thought that she was cured. However, after giving birth to her second child, the warts then reappeared. They were few, too small and spread over the labia, on the vulva and vagina. There were no other symptoms and they did not grow.In essence, she didn't remove them or bother herself with their existence. Her husband of 34 years was infected long before they got married, and had his warts removed, and thought that has ended his problem. As a result, he passed the infection to his wife who as well passed it to their third child.

The symptoms were: constantly crying or having a high temperature. In addition, the baby had constant diarrhea since his birth, growth delays and a low immune system. The physician informed them that the infant was suffering from chronic inflammation of the tonsils, and that's what caused all those symptoms. After further examinations of the mouth and throat, a few lumps were then noted on the glottis. The parentswere referred to oncology specialties for a consultation.

After the biopsy, and other tests, the specialist diagnosed this as cancer, and that they will start the treatment accordingly. The father was not quite convinced with the diagnosis, and informed his wife about his suspicion that they might be warts but not cancer. They had looked like the warts that he had previously. Moreover, there were some warts that appeared in the corner of the infant's mouth when he was just two months and then disappeared within two weeks. At that time, the mother thought it was just a normal rash. Therefore, the baby’s father decided to consult a professional dermatologist. Taking the family's history in consideration, and examining the throat accurately, this doctor confirmed the father's fears that they were genital warts. They were passed to him through birth, and breastfeeding, as there were warts close to the mother's nipple as well.

The father contacted us on healing house inquiring if there was a treatment for babies who suffer from Oral HPV. After gathering all the needed information and checking all of the medical reports, we were able to prepare the right formula, and advised the parents to be treated as well.

The progress of the baby’s condition was following:

First week:

 The treatment gave a great effect. By the end of the first week, the baby’s temperature becomes normal, and there was a fantastic improvement in breastfeeding and breathing.

Second week:

The infant became more energetic, the diarrhea disappeared and the stools were green for several days. He was given a special herbal substance to get rid of the Ameba fully.

 Third week:

Warts appeared on the corners of the baby’s mouth, and the baby regurgitated the milk he had. Ithada rotten smell. Yet, that temperature was normal, and he was very active and energetic after each episode of vomiting.

Fourth week:

The full demise of external warts, and the disappearance of warts in the throat. We requested that the parents visit the dermatologist to confirm this matter and indeed he did.

The treatment continued for another month to be sure that the body was completely free from the Human Papilloma virus (HPV). The parents' treatment lasted for four whole months.

This case increased my conviction that Human Papilloma virus (HPV), causes blisters that change the cells, which could give the wrong impression and be mistakenly diagnosed as cancer. However, the treatment of cancer cases that result from warts is also possible and available.

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