A child with a severe case of genital warts infection
A child with a severe case of genital warts infection
A child with a severe case of genital warts infection


It might be unbelievable, but children also can get genital warts. It could be devastating to the parents as the main reason usually stems from child molesting or sexual abuse.


Did you mean (How are Genital warts passed to Children?)

Genital warts are caused by a particular type of Human Papillary virus HPV, which is more than 200 is serious, but those which infect the genital areas are only 30-40 types, and they aren't the same types that cause warts on the hands or feet.

The infection is usually transmitted through sexual contact in all of its forms. However, in some rare cases, it can be transmitted from the mother to her newborn during birth.

The incubation period of the virus could last for years or a few months. Therefore, it might appear in a quick or slow manner, according to the body's immunity, and the resistance to the virus that causes the genital warts.

What is the form of these genital warts?

Warts appear in the form of light-colored painless polyps or small lumps around the vulva and vagina, the anus, the penis and scrotum, and sometimes on the thighs. They may be flat or high, single or multiple, sometimes large in size, and may combine to give a view of a cauliflower. They have a rough texture.

The period between getting the infection, and the appearance of warts can be anywhere between a few months to years, but usually it's from 1 to 6 months. They may be spotted accidently by the parents or the doctor without any complaint from the patient. Not all types of genital warts can cause cancer, only about 10 - 15 species of the 40 known types of the virus do.

Can Children infect with Genital warts, HPV?

 Yes, it's very contagious, especially after sexualcontact with an infected person. That is when there’s a direct contact with infected skin, and after all forms of sexual intercourse, oral or anal. Usually warts appear after weeks or months, or even years after this contact. However, not all who are exposed to infection will have warts, but the risk is very high. It could be up to more than 60% of cases.

In the United States, for example, infection with the virus reaches up to 38% of females between the ages of 14 to 24 years. According to my personal experience in the treatment of many cases from all over the world, mostly the spread begins in anal infection and then spreads to the rest of the genitals. The most serious cases in which the virus spreads are when the infection is carried out by ejaculating the semen in the rectum through the anus.

However, we must say that some cases we noted that the infection in children was caused by warts found on their hands. Moreover, some recent studies which were published in late 2013, indicated to some other ways of transmitting infection thought to be from contaminated clothing or through the use of contaminated public bathrooms. Thus, we should not always jump into conclusions or prejudgments about the causes, and ways of getting the infection, because what was taken for granted for years in this matter, is now questioned due to the progress of science and diagnosis.

How can we prevent the children's infection of genital warts?

Like all diseases transmitted through sex, genital warts can be prevented by avoiding suspicious relationships of all kinds. Nowadays, there's an available vaccine against the virus. Some call it the cervical cancer vaccine, because this virus is the most important reason for this cancer. The vaccine is given to females between the ages of 9 and 26 years old and is called GARDASIL. It is given in three doses at intervals of six months between the doses. However, it does not help if the infection had already occurred, it also does not prevent infection of all types of the virus. Nevertheless, females at-risk should have a Pap smear test regularly.




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