Cleansing the intestines from toxins while undergoing treatment is important to get rid of warts.
Cleansing the intestines from toxins while undergoing treatment is important to get rid of warts.
Cleansing the intestines from toxins while undergoing treatment is important to get rid of warts.

 Cleansing the intestines from toxins while undergoing treatment is important to get rid of warts.

Since 1997 until now, I have been treating the human papillomavirus (HPV) that causes genital warts. Throughout my years of practice, there have been isolated cases that do not respond at all to treatment. Patients often become extremely frustrated with their condition, even though a few of them have continued treatment for years and have undergone multiple courses of treatment.

I felt sad when a patient does not respond to treatment, and I try to find the reason behind the lack of response. However, personally, I haven't found a reason that convinces me and could be the cause of the body's non-response to the treatment. I always take notes on each case that experiences delays in treatment, in order to identify common factors or overlapping causes and symptoms.

In many cases where patients were, either from the first attempt or after subsequent treatments, they experienced a symptom that lasted for 10 to 15 days. This symptom was the passage of black stool with a foul odor. Despite various stool tests, the results were negative, indicating no presence of blood, fungi, or bacteria. Until now, it remains unclear exactly what is being eliminated from the body during this process.

After the elimination of this substance from the body, there was a rapid improvement in the warts. That is why I have been, and still am, advising patients to undergo intestinal cleansing at least once a month to expedite the body's recovery from the human papillomavirus (HPV) and consequently, the disappearance of troublesome warts.

Despite all of that, there are still cases that do not respond to treatment, including challenging situations in which the presence of the virus has led to the transformation of cells in the cervix into cancerous cells.

A few months ago, I was examining the impact of the presence of residues, adhesives, and mucus in the intestines, and whether they could be a cause of delayed treatment results. I decided to delve deeper into the matter. Then, I received a call from a previous patient who had undergone the treatment five times over a span of three years, with mild results. Despite that, he never lost hope.

The patient is still undergoing treatment, and he asked me if he could perform an intestinal cleanse through rectal injection. I informed him that it is indeed possible and that it may also be beneficial in his case.

The method is simple and does not require complexity. At night, the patient drinks a glass of English salt or boils a large cup of senna tea and drinks it. Then, they apply sesame oil to the entire abdomen and back. They should sleep for at least 7 hours to rest.

On the second day after defecate; the patient inserts a rectal enema that is available at pharmacies, with a size of 250ml or 500ml. They need a full liter of the enema solution. They add 60ml of cooled brown Turkish coffee decoction (without cardamom) and 30ml of natural apple cider vinegar with a 5% concentration to the enema solution.

The amount of coffee and vinegar should be adjusted to match the volume of the rectal enema solution, which is one liter. They should be distributed evenly based on the available size of the enema container.

What the patient experienced was the elimination of the black substance that many patients encounter during the treatment. I requested a stool examination, but nothing abnormal was found in the results.

They repeated the rectal enema after 21 days because only 70% of the wart volume had disappeared. After two weeks of the second rectal enema, the infection completely disappeared.

Waiting for two months to ensure that the warts did not reappear was a wise decision. I'm glad to know that the patient is now healthy and has even gotten married. May God bless them and grant them happiness in their new journey.

After achieving such positive results, I randomly selected cases that had experienced significant delays in treatment and explained to them the patient's experience. Some of them responded positively, while others succumbed to despair.

Out of the 15 patients who underwent the cleansing procedure, all of whom had previously received treatment for warts, whether once or multiple times, they responded positively to the cleansing process.

Out of the 11 patients who continued with me until this point, 9 of them experienced the appearance of the black substance after the first and second cleansing with a 21-day interval. They had a rapid healing of their warts. However, unfortunately, there were 2 patients who did not show any changes in their condition.

Out of the 9 cases in which the black stool appeared, there was a particular case of a lady who had changes in the cervix and had a very difficult condition due to the abundance of external warts. The cleansing method was applied three times along with medication. After examining the cervix, the result was negative, meaning that both the internal and external warts had disappeared, and there were no changes in the cervical cells.

I personally don't have a logical or scientific explanation for what happened, but these results indicate a promising elimination of human papillomavirus infection. In the future, there may be studies and explanations for what occurred.

I will include colon cleansing through rectal injections in the instructions on how to use the medication, so that healing can occur from the first use of the treatment and patients don't have to take the medication repeatedly.



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