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The Cure of Genital Warts, using herbal medicine
The Cure of Genital Warts, using herbal medicine
The Cure of Genital Warts, using herbal medicine

 Herbal treatment is a structure of natural health care that has been globally used for centuries.
Herbal treatment is based on treating each individual as an exceptional case.
A herbal doctor chooses the most appropriate formula based on the person's specific symptoms, taking in consideration the emotional, and physical condition as one unit.

In alternative medicine and herbal therapy, we believe that treating the human papilloma virus (HPV), in which causes genital warts, should be internal but not external by clearing the virus itself instead of treating its symptoms.


While there is a lot of suggested home remedies, in which claims to help with warts. Such as, banana peel, onion juice, mashed garlic, potatoes, and vinegar…. etc. None of those remedies treat the virus itself. As a result, the person keeps facing breakouts every period of time during their life time.
 On the other hand, our developed formula aims at clear the virus directly from the human system, and enhancing the body’s immunity to prevent future infection.

Advantage of the our herbal therapy for genital warts:

  • The treatment is simple, and easy to use since it taken only once a day.
  • No side effects as we are using only natural herbs in our formula.
  • The treatment starts its effeteness internally than externally by treating the warts inside the vagina, womb or intestines. Then, it treats the warts and the external genital warts.
  • Externally, the treatment starts by healing the warts in the pubic area than the ones on the perineum. Also, the treatment works on the new warts before the old ones.

Healing progress during the treatment:

  • The patient worries and the anxiety level decreased over time.
  • Digestive disorders, and vaginal discharges ended within a couple of weeks.
  • The healing of the internal virus will eliminate the pain in the menstrual system and male ejaculation as well.
  • The color of the external warts starts changing its color into brown or black. Also, the warts start to shrink gradually till they fall off without leaving any scars.
  • It is very important to continue the treatment for an additional month after they clear up from being external warts, in order to ensure that the body is completely cleared ofthe virus.
  • Some of the patients might obtain a red rash, which appears at the first stage of the treatment, and later on turning to brown.Then disappearing completely, without any need any treatment as it’s a sign that the body’s system is clearing the virus and toxins through the skin.

Factors to determine the right formula:

1.      Wart location

 Genital warts in Women

There are several types of genital warts, in which can affect women, and can appear in or around the vagina, vulva, anus or near the neck of the womb, on the cervix, and in rare cases it can appear in the opening of the urethra or the mouth. Sometimes, the warts are too small for patients to see or notice.
Warts inside the vagina or anus can cause discomfort but they may also not cause any symptoms at all.
Researches indicate that 50% of the infected women might develop a cervical infection, which causes some precancerous changes in the cervical cells, and could lead to cervical cancer. Therefore, it's important to diagnose and treat the infection as soon as possible.

Genital warts in Men

In men, genital warts usually appear on the tip of the penis, urinary tract, bladder, but they can also appear around the anus, and inside the rectum. In some cases, the infection in the urinary tract causes bloody discharges and continuous urination. It's common that warts could infect more than one place at the same time in men and women. In rare cases, some genital warts are found in the mouth as a result of oral sex.

2.      Possible causes of the infection

There are different causes of infection in addition to regular intercourse. However, if intercourse is the reason for infection, it’s important to define its starting point:  whether it was vaginal intercourse, anal or oral sex, as this aims to determine the right formula based on each patient’ssystem, which can target the virus faster

3.      The number, size, the location and the speed of wart spreading.

The patient is requested to provide us with a fully detailed description of the shape and size of the warts.
Moreover, we prefer that the patient provides us with a clear photo, in which will assist the doctor to prepare the fastest acting formula to clear the virus.

4.      General information need:

The patients will be required to fill out a health questionnaire before we start the treatment.  

Success rates of our herbal formula :

If the patient is cancer free, the success rate of our formula  to clear the HPV is around 80% from the first time, and we have treated over ten thousand cases since 1997.
Also, most of the treatment failure was due to the patient not following the treatment instruction accurately.
Moreover, in some cases where the internal infection is high, a stronger formula might be needed.

Tips to avoid spreading your warts 

  • Keep your private area clean and dry.
  • Avoid direct physical contact with warts, including your own warts.
  • Don’t try to remove warts by yourself as this may spread the virus.
  • Avoid using the same emery board, pumice stone or nail clipper on your warts as you use on your healthy skin and nails.
  • Don't bite your fingernails. Warts happen more frequently in skin that has been broken. Pecking the skin around your fingernails opens the door for the virus.
  • Use a disposable emery board and avoid brushing, clipping or shaving areas that have warts. If you must shave, use an electric razor.
  • Wash your hands carefully after touching your warts or surfaces such as shared exercise equipment.    

 Your questions, and comments are important to us.


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The price is variable, and will be decided based on the natural of the case: The prices range are: Single from $850 -$1000 Couple from $1100- $1500,


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