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sever case of anal warts cured by herbal medicine

This warts condition of a child who contracted the infection from the mother either during childbirth or with breastfeeding

My Warts Story face warts case

When I noticed warts for the first time there was roughness on my cheeks and also growth of something like grain on the hairline from the right side also the same roughness was on the forehead.

Cured Case of Anal-Genital Warts

When I was diagnosed with HPV I had no stop fears, and nightmare. I was questioning myself If this will turn into cancer in the future? And how am I going to live all my life with this virus? It was long hard nights.

A child with a severe case of genital warts infection

It might be unbelievable, but children also can get genital warts. It could be devastating to the parents as the main reason usually stems from child molesting or sexual abuse.

Four-months infant infected with Oral HPV Warts

This is one of the rare cases, in which I came across during years of practicing in the field of the genital warts. We are referring this story to stress on the complication that might occur along with Human Papilloma virus (HPV) being passed from the mother to her baby.