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Frequently asked Questions
Frequently asked Questions


Would I ever be cured from the virus?

Perhaps this is the most repeated question as the patients are under the impression that this incurable virus, and suffer from breakouts, in which keep coming every now and then. 
My answer is that doctors are not monopolists of knowledge or treatment. There is a treatment for genital warts.  Eighty percent of the cases that have been treated were cured, as we aren’t trying to clear the virus instead or treating the symptoms.

Are there any side effects from the herbal treatment?

The treatment is made from natural materials, and have absolutely no side effects on any organ in the human body, as the remedies of our formula are totally safe. 

When can I expect to see the results of the treatment?

This is an excellent question.
However, the answer is different from one case to another. Some patients may need only one course of treatment to clear the virus.
But in the cases of the internal infection, the treatment might take a longer time. Most importantly, we need to keep in mind that this kind of treatment needs a lot of patience, and encouragement in order to get the expected great results. According to our experience, most of the cases get rid of warts after a few months of treatment.
Yet, some difficult cases took almost a year of therapy or more until the patient cleared the virus completely. Still, let's keep in mind that 80% of cases were healed.

Are all of the components of the medicine natural?

 Yes, they're all natural.  The treatment contains an herbal formula of homeopathy compounds in liquid, and pill forms.

Can I get into a safe relationship after I get rid of the warts?

Yes, you can engage in safe relationships after the treatment has successfully cleared the virus. The goal of the treatment is to get rid of genital warts by clearing the virus from the body and strengthen the immune system as well.
Moreover, it is advisable to do cervix screening before having children.

What happens to the warts while taking the treatment?

  • Warts begin to change its color, from red into brown, and then shrink.
  • In some cases, they might double in size, then turn black, shrink, and fall off without leaving any scars. This is usually a sign that the body’s system is clearing the virus.
  • The emergence of new warts during treatment are considered being positive as well. This means two things:
  • first the body is responding to the treatment.
  • Secondly, the internal infection is being pushed into the skin, and will end in the same way we explained earlier.

 What is the impact of the treatment in the body overall?

 In most cases it works as following:

  • Warts that have appeared last heal first
  • Treatment works from inside to outside. This means that genital warts are in the intestines, uterus and vagina will be cleared before on the The warts will be cleared from top to bottom. Thus, warts in the pubic area heal before those on the perineum.

Can you guarantee that the medicine will heal genital warts?

Frankly, 8 out of 10 cases that were treated with these herbal compositions have been healed.
However, the treatment does not help if warts become cancerous.
In fact, the effectiveness of the the patient, especially about the causes of infection, and how the disease is progressing, because the treatment of warts in the intestines -anal infection- differs from those that come after regular intercourse or external contact.

How long does it take until treatment is prepared and received?

After receiving all the requested information, we will inform the patient about the treatment plan and stages.
Next, the treatment will be prepared and sent via express mail. This may take from 5-7 days.

What are the causes of treatment failure?

There are two reasons for treatment failure:

First, the patient's non-commitment to the instructions in terms of doses and diet.

Second, if warts changed into cancer cells.

However, if a new wart continued to appear, got swollen or discolored while the first course reached its end, that doesn’t mean the treatment failed. In fact, this indicates that the treatment should be held for another course till the virus is completely cleared.

If I were cured, would I get warts once again?

Once the infection is cured, it won't occur again to the same person.
However, you can get them again because of a new HPV infection.
For example, if you have sexual intercourse with an infected person. That's why couples must be treated together.

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