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Cured Case of Anal-Genital Warts
Cured  Case of Anal-Genital Warts
Cured Case of Anal-Genital Warts


When I was diagnosed with HPV I had no stop fears, and nightmare. I was questioning myself If this will turn into cancer in the future? And how am I going to live all my life with this virus? It was long hard nights.


 I was engaged with my ex with several anal intercourses without using protection. Unfortunately, after few months of our breakup the first genital warts started to appear.

  The first treatment I used was freezing, which was very painful. Yet, what really drove me crazy was the appearing of new warts next to the ones that I had just removed in no time.

I used different creams, and ointments without significant results. I tried different home remedies like garlic and vinegar, etc..... Until I got an internal fungal infection because of the frequent use of these creams, and mixtures. At the same time my anxiety increased.

 My salvation was through a woman whom I met at the dermatology office, and had the same problem. We supported friends and exchanged phone numbers.

 One evening she called me, when I told her that I was still suffering with my warts, she informed me that she was treated with herbal treatment from the healing house. She started her treatment few months ago and she was completely cured.

She recommended this treatment for me. At begging, I hesitated, but my desire to get rid of warts, and the positive experience of my friend, gave me hope. Besides, I thought what else could I lose, I've already spent exactly 4250 $ in order to get rid of warts and scratching, and itching that were associated with them, not to mention how psychologically devastated I was.  So I decided to give it a shot.

Dr. Mohsen from the Healing house answer promptly all my questions: the duration and effectiveness of therapy, how it works and how to use etc..... And I was very open with him about the cause of infection and its location which was so important in preparing the appropriate formula of therapy as Dr. Mohsen informed.

Things went smoothly and I received the treatment.... Two small packs of liquid herbs, as well as 10 pills consisting of two types 5 pills of each type.

Detailed instructions were enclosed. On the first day of treatment and after the first dose in the morning I felt the urge to go to the bathroom and emptied my bowels.

I have never felt so relieved. It was as if my intestines became completely clean. I did not feel pain afterward. In fact, I hadn't been this energetic since I got infected. More importantly the itching stopped completely. I was so pleased, and more convinced with the effectiveness of the treatment.

I continued the treatment for 15 days, and thankfully all warts turned brown then shrank and disappeared completely without a trace. I was so happy with the results I thought I was dreaming until flat warts appeared at the anus opening. I was horrified, but Dr. Mohsen assured me that it was normal and that everything will disappear eventually.

After a break of time specifically at the second stage of treatment the flat warts disappeared completely.

I continued another month of treatment in the same manner. The third month I stopped the fluid therapy and continued taking pills until I completed 5 months of treatment.

 Now, I'm healthy for a whole year after treatment. Thank God warts didn't appear, scratching, physical and mental fatigue stopped.

I’m sharing my story for all those who suffered with genital warts, and those who felt that there is no hope to clear this virus.  


 Dr. Mohsen I sincerely thank you for everything! You gave me back my life!



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1 anal warts  befor treatment



anal warts befor the treatment



anal warts  befor treatment2



anal warts 1st month of the treatment



anal warts  befor treatment 3






2 picturs from 2nd month of the treatment

anal warts  after treatment


final result of the treatment

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