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My Warts Story face warts case
My Warts Story face warts case
My Warts Story face warts case

  When I noticed the warts for the first time there was roughness on my cheeks and also a growth of something like grain on the hairline from the right side also the same roughness was on the forehead.

A week before that, I had a stomach ache and diarrhea that lasted for two days, so I told myself that it could be from the effects of what I suffered and it will disappear with time.
The matter lasted as it for 3 months, and then I decided to visit a dermatologist and I wish I didn’t visit him, as he told me that what I’m suffering from warts and that the best solution for them is to freeze until I get rid of them.
Exactly a month after the warts were frozen and removed- which the dermatologist was able to find- I noticed a growth of new infections besides what he removed, and also spread on the neck.
I neglected them for another month, but the warts increased in number and size and I went back to the same doctor, who also removed them by freezing and wrote me a zinc pills and a set of vitamins, and of course I was glad that the warts disappeared and I did not come back for a full 6 months.
Looking for other solutions:
On a Friday morning, I noticed that the warts had emerged slightly and that the roughness had returned to the cheeks. Only then I realized that removing them by freezing is not the solution I am looking for.
I searched on the Internet for solutions and remedies for this problem in English and found that I am not the only one who suffers from this virus, which is called human papilloma, as it is cursed and has large numbers (200 types) according to its DNA analysis and I knew a lot about it and how to get rid of it with a change in lifestyle and reinforcement the immune system and personal hygiene in addition to many recipes that are placed on it from apple vinegar to garlic to banana peels.
To be honest, it was difficult for me to stick to another way of life and leave what I used to in terms of food and drink until I realized how much we are paying from our own money for food and drink that poisons our bodies.
I heard a lot about the virus and the importance of vaccination from people so I decided to take it even though I read that it is only given to young people in order to protect them from any future infection, and it is in 3 doses.
And to be honest, as soon as I finished dose 3, my warts went crazy and spread at a rate twice as high as before so I became very depressed with the warts and from the treatments that were done to this virus.
Arabs Treatment:
On Facebook, I follow some pages that deal with alternative medicine, including the Arabic alternative medicine page, and by coincidence I have a post with a link to the Warts Treatment website.
I entered the site and found many accurate topics that talked about the virus, infection, methods of infection, and most importantly, success stories, some of which carry pictures of before and after treatment. I spent a week searching the site until I decided to communicate with Dr. Mohsen Al-Nadi.
Fear of dealing with Arab websites is a possibility for everyone. I was also afraid, but I said to myself it would be the end of my suffering.
When I contacted Dr. Mohsen, he sent me a set of general questions about age, weight, nature of work, etc., and I answered them. Then he asked me for a clear picture of the location of the infection. He explained the treatment plan, treatment time -3 months- and how to take the treatment, he said everything will be attached to the treatment in so much details.
The taste of the remedy was important for me, he told me that the remedy is liquid tasteless and the pills have a sweet taste, I said in god’s safe, the money was sent and the treatment received.
The Beginning of The Herbal Remedy:
In the second month of my treatment, I had cramps and diarrhea that I had before the first appearance of the infection but when I asked Dr. Mohsen about it, he said that it is normal and expected with treatment, and he told me that the growth of any new infection is good because it is considered a cleaning and exiting of the virus from the body and this is what happened after the diarrhea ends, my anus was full of warts !!!!
I was very upset about its appearance, but the words of encouragement from the doctor made me patient with it and the annoying feeling when touching it. One of the things that I learned from the Warts Treatment website is the Healing Law, which says that the infection that is inside the body is the one that responds first and that the healing takes place from the top to the bottom and that the treatment deals with very important symptoms before healing the external injuries.
This is exactly what happened to me, where first the tension and anxiety were disappeared (the psychological state is the most important in the body) during the first month of treatment, and then the warts appeared on the anus, meaning that the internal injury in the intestine was discharged in the second month. Finally, in the third month, I noticed a change in the color of the warts on the face and their size, and they began to disappear on a daily basis without leaving any traces from the forehead and to the neck, and after they disappeared completely and for the first time I shaved my beard for years to make sure that there was nothing, thank God.
At the end of the third month, after the appearance of the injury on the anus, for a period of about 45 days, the warts disappeared, as if it had not been. Of course, after the third month I did not stop the treatment, but I followed it up despite the absence of any external injury, and I said if it doesn’t benefit it doesn’t hurt.
My Experience in A Quick Points:
-Warts on the face is a very annoying and makes the person embarrassed, especially by the way others look at him
 -The solution is for warts -from my experience- is not by freezing or ironing, not even different creams designated for the treatment of warts.
-Home-made prescriptions are useless and it is not going to treat warts and get rid of HPV.
-What appears on the body of warts, may considered a problem but the disaster of there is an internal injury that you do not know about, because it is without symptoms and does not causing distribution.
-Through my experience with Dr. Mohsen Al-Nadi in treating the warts, I found an adequate answer to all the issues that came to my mind, and through his experience he knows how to deal with this awful virus.
My Advice to All Patient Suffering from Warts:
I have now 5 years since the last warts that were on the anus disappeared, thank God, I am fine and healthy. I got married and had children, and I wrote this topic after I saw a person with warts and advised him to treat Dr. Mohsen and we ask God for a speedy and full recovery to him.
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