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sever case of anal warts cured by herbal medicine
sever case of anal warts cured by herbal medicine
sever case of anal warts cured by herbal medicine

 This warts condition of a child who contracted the infection from the mother either during child birth or with breast feeding
The infection Focused around the anus.
The first observation of the warts was at the age of 5 months and it rapidly worsened until the warts has covered The anus and the child was suffering the most at the time of defecation.
The father contacted me and took treatment for him +his wife and the child Child age at the time the treatment started is 11 months and the treatment lasted 5 months The following pictures explain how the child got rid of his warts, thank God, and also the mother got rid Of the injury and left to follow up with the father with other doses.
The difference in pictures ranged between 15 days to 10 days.
We still confirm and say that the treatment of the virus is done from the inside out and not the other way around... It is not possible to get rid of the virus with cauterization or different creams.
From the pictures, it can be seen how warts go away without leaving any traces behind And no wounds because the skin is normal and healthy. The purpose of displaying images is purely educational; the images contained in this article are complete, correct, and accurate. Please do not use them other than what they were published for.
He cost of this herbal treatment is 850$ for 5 months
Successful rate is 80% i.e. out of 10 patients 8 will be cured from 1st time the rest need follow up .
For ordering please contact Dr. Mohsen Nadi  Signal or whatsapp 00970599789059










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