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Medical treatment for genital warts:
Medical treatment for genital warts:
Medical treatment for genital warts:


 In modern medicine most of the cases require more than one treatment session, and there is no ultimate cure because these treatments only remove warts but do not clear the virus itself.This remains an endemic in the body.


The most important treatments available are:

 Topical treatment with a cream

 Freezing with liquid nitrogen

 Laser surgery, burning, or scalpel

 However, infection is likely to occur again after treatment and at any time, so removing the warts does not guarantee that warts won't appear again.

When should you seek medical advice in the event of genital warts?

The answer is: always and in every case you suspect a wart to be genital, so it must be taken seriously and treated well.

What does the presence of genital warts in children mean?

Every genital wart on a child is considered being a strong indicator that he or she was exposed to abuse or sexual assault. Though, it might not be the case with teenagers, certain procedures should be taken to protect the child, such as reporting the same immediately.

Treatment of genital warts in Alternative Medicine:

 In my opinion, issues related to genital warts must be addressed wisely by parents. They should protect children, and adolescents from sexual exploitation as well as to speed up the process of clearing the virus which causes the genital warts. The available treatment that we have is one of Homeopathy remedies and aims at:

 Eliminating the virus directly in the child's or the adolescent's body.

Boosting their immunity to prevent the repetition of infection.

Features of herbal treatment of genital warts in children:

 * Easy to use because it's used only once per day.

 * Its taste is acceptable for children.

 * Herbal treatment doesn't have any side effects.

 * Herbal treatment begins from inside of the body to the outside to eliminate the virus completely.

 * The rate of success in treating children's genital warts with herbal remedies is up to 95%.

What happens with children while taking the herbal treatment for warts?


It stops anxiety and fear that accompanies the infection. Thus the child begins to return to his/her normal life without any psychological effects.


 Interior warts begin to disappear and so does the pain and colic if there are any.


External genital warts begin to turn from brown into black, changing in size by gradually shrinking, and then falling off without leaving any scars or traces.

 It is very important to continue the treatment for a month or two months after the disappearance of genital warts to guarantee that the body has cleared the virus completely

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