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Treatment of genital warts in women:
Treatment of genital warts in women:
Treatment of genital warts in women:

 Treatment of genital warts in women:

The most common cause of women contracting genital warts is through sexual contact, but we need to remember four things:

1-      This disease is mostly transmitted through sexual contact.

2-      The disease can easily spread through skin-to-skin contact between infected and unaffected skin.

3-      Vaginal secretions can also transmit the disease.

4-      The treatment will not be external, such as cauterization or ointments, but only internal through effective herbal treatment.

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can be present in various areas of the genital and anal region, common areas of viral spread and infection in women include:

1-      The initial site of infection is often around the vaginal opening.

2-      It can also occur above the hymen if it comes into contact with the penis during sexual intercourse.

The infected areas can also include:

The labia minora and majora (small and large vaginal lips).

It may be found on or around the clitoris or on the pubic area, often resulting from contact with ejaculated semen on these areas.

Warts may also appear internally, on the vaginal walls or extend to the cervix or even inside the uterus.

In such cases, the risk lies in the potential transformation of these warts into cancerous cells due to frequent inflammation.

Genital warts in women can also appear around the anal opening and the surrounding area. The direct cause is often through anal intercourse. The warts may extend to reach the intestines, causing digestive disturbances.

Some women may use Apple cider vinegar, salt, barley and various other things. These measures won’t help treat the infection.

Other women may seek medical consultation which often provide cauterization, topical ointments, or vaccination which is not helpful after the infection.

Treating genital warts with alternative medicine:

To treat genital warts we must get rid of the virus that is causing the infection.

We request the following information from the person affected:

-          The direct cause of the infection - whether it was through sexual contact or non-sexual means - and it is crucial to know the cause without any hesitation.

-          The type and appearance of the warts. It is highly recommended to send a picture of the warts for proper treatment based on their appearance.

-          The locations of the warts and all relevant details.

-          Details about any previous treatment attempted.

-          Age, weight, and occupation.

-          Any chronic diseases or digestive issues.

-          Any other skin conditions and we need pictures of those as well.


After obtaining all the necessary information, we will inform her of the following:

-          The recommended type of treatment.

-          Duration of usage.

-          Success rate of the treatment.

-          Expected results and changes in color and size of the warts until they disappear.

Once the warts are gone, it means the body has cleared the virus, and she can plan for pregnancy and marriage without problems. We will follow up on the case until a complete recovery. If the person is married, the treatment will also be for her spouse.


The advantages of our treatment:

-          Easy to use, only once daily.

-          No side effects.

-          Very high success rate, reaching up to 80% of the cases that followed the treatment.

-          Acceptable taste after mixing with water.

-          Sent through express mail and received personally, ensuring no one will know about the issue.


The herbal treatment for genital warts typically comes in two bottles of liquid herbal medicine. The ingredients are natural herbs formulated based on the principles of homeopathy and do not contain any prohibited or harmful substances. The combination of these herbs:

-          Eliminates the virus that causes genital warts.

-          Boosts the immune system to prevent future infections.

-          Treats any warts that may be present in the vagina, cervix, or intestines.






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