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Frequently Asked Questions about Genital Wart Treatment:
Frequently Asked Questions about Genital Wart Treatment:
Frequently Asked Questions about Genital Wart Treatment:

 Frequently Asked Questions about Genital Wart Treatment:

1-      Will I be cured from genital warts?

Perhaps the most common question I receive from my patients is that they have heard from doctors who have discouraged them and tried their treatment without achieving results. My answer to everyone is that doctors do not monopolize knowledge or treatment. Based on the belief that God created the disease and the cure, I say yes, genital warts have a treatment. The cure rate can reach up to 80% in treated cases, based on our experience and dealings with them.

2-      Are there any side effects to the treatment?

The treatment is made from natural ingredients and has no side effects on any organ of the body whatsoever. The components of the homeopathic medicine used in the treatment are known to be among the safest treatments for the human body, including pregnant women who can take it without any negative impact on the fetus.

3-      When will I see the results of the treatment?

This is an excellent question, and the answer can vary from case to case. Some patients may require two bottles of the treatment, and they will be cured of this problem. However, if the infection is internal, it may require a longer treatment period. The most important aspect of this type of treatment is that it requires patience and peace of mind to achieve excellent results with it.

4-      Are all the ingredients in the medication natural?

The answer is yes, all the ingredients are natural, and they are in the form of a herbal composition of homeopathic compounds in liquid form. It has no side effects and is easy to use.

5-      Can I get married after the genital warts are gone?

Yes, you can get married and even have children. The goal of the treatment is to eliminate genital warts from within the body, completely eradicating the human papillomavirus (HPV) and strengthening the immune system. To be more reassured, a virus-specific test can be conducted before marriage.

6-      What happens to genital warts during treatment?

That's a great question. During the treatment, genital warts typically undergo changes. They may change color, becoming reddish to brownish, and shrink in size. In some cases, they may initially increase in size before ultimately shrinking. Eventually, the warts may turn black and then shrink and fall off without leaving scars or permanent marks.

7-      How does the medication for genital warts work in the body?

The medication works as follows:


Firstly, any visible warts that have appeared recently are cured.


The treatment works from the inside to the outside, meaning that internal genital warts, such as those in the intestines, uterus, or vagina, heal before the ones on the skin. The appearance of new warts on the skin may continue until the internal ones are completely eliminated.


The healing of warts occurs from top to bottom, meaning that warts on the pubic area heal before those located lower down.


8-      Is the medicine guaranteed to treat genital warts?

To be completely honest, out of every 10 cases treated with these herbal preparations, 8 of them are cured. However, the treatment is not effective if cancer cells are present, indicating that the warts have transformed into cancer.

The information we request from the patient should be answered with honesty and transparency, especially regarding the cause of infection, the mode of transmission, and the progression of the disease. Treatment for warts that occur through intestinal infection or anal contact differs from those transmitted through sexual intercourse, vaginal contact, or external contact.

9-      How long does it take to prepare and receive the treatment?

The complete information is gathered, and the patient is informed about the treatment plan and its stages, if applicable. Then, the medication is prepared immediately upon receiving the transfer number, and it is sent via express mail, which may take 5-7 business days. The medication is received personally from the shipping company's offices.

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