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The definition of genital warts and their causes:
The definition of genital warts and their causes:
The definition of genital warts and their causes:

 The definition of genital warts and their causes:

Genital warts are defined as protrusions from the surface of the skin in sensitive areas, resembling cauliflower-like growths.

The cause of infection is the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is primarily transmitted through direct or indirect sexual contact, including oral sex.

Genital warts can appear days or months after sexual contact and may persist for weeks or even years. They can resolve on their own, but the virus remains latent in the body if not properly treated and eliminated completely.

In females, genital warts are most commonly found around the vaginal opening or inside the vagina. They can also be seen around the anal opening. The danger lies in the virus entering the internal genitalia and reaching the cervix or uterus, which increases the risk of menstrual bleeding or the development of cancerous cells.

In males, genital warts are typically found on the pubic area, penis, and scrotum. They can also extend to the anal region or thighs.

The risk and severity of genital warts in males are generally lower than in females unless they extend into the intestines, which can lead to severe infection and potential development of cancerous cells.

In children, most cases of genital warts occur around the anal opening or in the genital area.

There are over 200 types of viruses that can cause genital warts, and 15 of them have been classified as high-risk types that can lead to the development of cancerous cells if left untreated. These high-risk types are particularly concerning and should be treated promptly to prevent the progression to cancer.

Determining the type of virus does not aid in the treatment. What is important is that the appearance of the warts facilitates their management according to alternative medicine and herbal approaches. The following are common forms of genital warts:

  1. Cauliflower-like: Warts that resemble the head of a cauliflower.
  2. Flat warts: Warts that appear flat and resemble old burns.
  3. Linear warts: Warts that are arranged in a linear pattern, either in a continuous or intermittent line.
  4. Clustered warts: Warts that are connected to each other, forming large masses that cover significant areas of the skin.

Therefore, when treating genital warts, it is important to accurately identify their appearance to facilitate their treatment according to alternative medicine and herbs.


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