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The Transmission of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) That Causes Genital Warts
The Transmission of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) That Causes Genital Warts
The Transmission of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) That Causes Genital Warts

Transmission of the virus is done from infected skin to healthy skin through direct or indirect contact.

Direct: There should be things to transmit, the most important is skin irritation on both sides and stretching of the skin through blood flow to the surface of the skin, and this is what happens during sexual intercourse, so one meeting between an infected person and another healthy person is transferred the virus in a rate of 99.99%.
Moving is either front, back, or oral. It may also be done through massage, or natural birth, where the injury is transmitted from the infected mother to the child.

Indirect: It needs a contaminated surface that comes into contact with irritated skin, and this is what happens during hair removal with a polluted laser head or contaminated razors, unwashed hotel towels and towels, or underwear, heavily polluted bathrooms. Indirect injuries are very, very, very small, compared to direct contact.

What Happens?

Irritation of the infected skin - even if there are no visible warts - causes the virus or live parts to fall and spread into intact skin, this virus enters the skin and targets the layer of cells that work to renew the outer cells which important to remain the skin is healthy and healthy.
Important information, that the cell takes approximately 45 days to transfer from this layer that renews cells to the surface of the skin and there they change and die, and so the skin is regenerated in a nailed and organized way.
After the virus moves to a layer of skin that works to renew skin cells, it injects itself into the cell and combines with the cell - through DNA - and works to accelerate the growth of cells in an unregulated way, so warts appear - which are skin cells that carry the virus inside them - on the surface of the skin in various forms, such as cauliflower, flat ... etc. The process of transmission of the virus on the same infected skin also occurs through friction and not through blood.

Any triggering of external warts, such as applying apple cider vinegar, ironing, scratching and rubbing, or wounding it while shaving, leads to the spread of the virus which enters the body again through the skin. This explains the return of the infection after removing apparent warts and even explains why the wife or husband suffers from warts after removing it many years before marriage. The virus may behave in a way that is equal to the surface of the skin after removing warts, meaning that it is present in the regenerating cells of the skin but does not work on its emergence over it, so the infected person thinks that he has been cured of it forever, and in fact, he is a direct transmitter of the virus without knowing.

The process of removing genital warts using cooling, laser, surgery, different creams, yes, leads to the removal of the external warts, but the virus remains in the cells under the skin and works in the future in the presence of autoimmune infection or transmission to another person. The incubation period for the virus is from the time of infection to the time warts appear on the surface of the skin and takes between weeks to years, but the patient is contagious to others, even if there are no warts visible on the outer skin. There are severe cases in which warts appear within days of infection, and this is followed by the strength of the body's immune system or the strength and magnitude of the injury.

How does the virus turn into cervical cancer?

It is now known that most cases of cervical cancer in women are due to this virus, and of course, it takes years for this change to occur from the time of injury, conditions must be met, the most important is the woman's immune system weakness or - and the presence of other diseases, such as diabetes and stress, smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating a lot of sweets. Presence of chronic infections that the woman has dealt with for years without there being a radical solution to what she suffers from. Plus some genetic factors and deficiency of folic acid play a role in cancer development .
The first pap smear test - Papsmeir - shows the presence of infections and fungi and there may be cellular changes between the first to the third degrees. I always advise those who want to do a pap smear test to work with a DNA test for the virus, and thus we make sure that the cause of infections and cellular changes is the virus.

If left untreated and the virus remains, it works to change the structure of cells in the cervix, and with chronic infections, these cells turn into cancer cells and either begin to make severe sores on the cervix or move inside it, and then another problem begins in treating cancer itself.
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