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How to examine genital warts at home
How to examine genital warts at home
How to examine genital warts at home

 Women or men often suffer for years from genital warts, especially those that do not increase in size and number. And woman thinks that it is just fleshy growths, without paying attention to it, which may be like the tip of the iceberg. Many warts are hidden inside the body that may turn into cancer cells.

Shyness is what prevents many people from reporting to a doctor, and to avoid this matter, here is the sure and ideal way to diagnose warts at home, suitable for any type of warts, even non-genital.
You must first bring natural apple cider vinegar, with a concentration of between 5-6% only, and follow the following steps:
1- Remove the clothes completely from the wart.
2- Clean the place of the wart with soap and water, rub it, and then dry it well.
3- Then prepare a cotton ball, dip it in apple cider vinegar, and squeeze it a little.
4- Put a cotton ball moistened with apple cider vinegar on the wart and leave it for15-20 minutes.
5- Remove the cotton ball and see the warts.

If its color turns white, it is undoubtedly contaminated with HPV , but if it does not change its color, it will be fleshy growths, not much fear of it.
The reason for the discoloration is because the affected cells are abnormal and are affected by the acid in apple cider vinegar, so they turn white.
This method is ideal for external warts, but it is not beneficial for intra-anal or intravaginal warts.

Of course, we mention that it is impossible to know the source of the infection if there are multiple sexual activities, as the virus may be latent in the body for years before it decides to go out for reasons the most important of which is the weakening of the immune system. Finally, if you are infected with genital warts, this is not the end of the world, as the herbal remedy is available and helps to get rid of the virus completely.
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